Monday, March 24, 2008

March Madness

Here are a few pictures from this month. The other night, Carolyn chipped her front tooth, on the bathtub. She bit her lip, so it look way worse. At first it seemed like half the tooth was gone, but now it doesn't seem to noticable. Luckily it has not bothered her at all. The other pictures are just "average day play".

John Henry: 6 mos

John is alittle over 6 months already! No accurate weight yet, but as the pictures show, he's a chubby boy. He rolls over, from back to stomach, then Katie comes over and tells John "No, no John" and rolls him back over :) With alittle more practice he'll soon be sitting on his own. Right now he's a tad tippy, but he loves to play on the floor. So far he's a content and happy baby boy.