Thursday, July 28, 2011


  • I've misplaced my camera cord.  It irriates me for more reasons other than I can't post pictures on here.
  • The month of July has been crazy. busy. full of bittersweet changes. (Hence the lack of blog posts.)
  • Most have heard already, my Dad was in an accident at work last Friday.  His right arm/hand was badly injured.  Broken, smashed, shattered, torn.  He's had 2 surgeries so far, a skin graft scheduled for Saturday, then discharge if all goes well.  DR is able to save his arm/hand, and is confident he'll be able to use it and return to work.  When and just how much he'll be able to use it will depend on recovery/therapy.
  • It won't be long and we'll offically begin our 2011-2012 homeschool year.  We're looking forward to this year, as our set up will be different than previous years {knock on wood}.  Slowly but surely I'm getting our ducks in a row. 
  • Kids have enjoyed spending time with cousins.  With all the recent heavy rainfall the local beach has been closed.  Although summer shows no sign of leaving soon, we're anxious to enjoy a day at the beach.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Carolyn #3

(I realize this isn't the greatest picture, but she insisted I take one immediately and put it on the computer.  We'll get another clearer one soon)
Carolyn pulled out her 3rd tooth today.  It's the first of the top teeth, so we get to listen to the cute slurred speech for awhile :)  She's proud as a peacock.  It was loose for a long time.  She kept wiggling and wiggling.  Finally it came out!!
(Benji has only lost one tooth so far.  He's working on #2.)

Friday, July 1, 2011


We attempted a group shot of all 10 grandkids this past weekend.  10 kids.  8 years to almost 1-1/2 years.  It's not perfect.  Most all the kids had a cold or were getting over one.  After a busy day of playing, most everyone was dirty and sweaty.  But it's all the kids.  Together.  In one place.  At the same time.  (James isn't just sitting on top of the bench- his Mom is right behind him, holding him up)

Back: Jacob, Emily, James, Carolyn, Benji
Front:  Katie, Larissa, John, Wyatt, Meri
5 grand daugthers
5 grandsons