Thursday, August 25, 2011

I {heart} NY

The other week, I was lucky enough to tag along with my husband while he did some shows in western NY.  I've only gone as far east as Ohio, so I added a few more states to my list.  We really enjoyed NY.  The whole trip was very spur of the moment, so our passports were safely tucked away at home.  Had I realized just where in NY we were going I would have grabbed them.  Regardless, we had a good time on the American side.

Familiar signs along our 14ish hour trip:  road construction and toll/turnpike signs.  Yee$$h.  There may be a reason we typically head west for vacations. :)
I had never been to NY, and if my husband had it was to deliver a load and head out.  Despite the large populations,  (We were by Buffalo, no where close to NYC) we loved the area.  People were friendly.  Land was beautiful.
Niagara Falls, NY
Lake Ontario
Stone wall/steps leading down to beach at Lake Ontario.  (At one time there was a hotel here.  It currently is a quiet park.)  In the blink of an eye we spent over two hours on a park bench, on top of this wall over looking the lake.  It was a small, tourist  town that was hidden to the world.
Lake Erie. 
We had a few hours to waste.  So we rented some lounge chairs from the beach hut.  It was a warm (80), sunny day, but the breeze wind from the water made it cool.  It was a wonderful, spur of the moment, mix-business-with-pleasure getaway for us. 
The gigantic Erie County Fair.  Lucky for us they had a Truck/Tractor Pull the day we were there.    As strange as it seems, I get (almost as) excited as my husband to watch the smoke, listen to the engines, seeing the dirt fly.  Good thing, considering my hubby and his brother have their own pulling tractor, so we're no strangers to the sound of engines revving.

While our getaway was short -n- sweet and very much needed/appreciated, we couldn't wait to get home to the kiddos.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011