Monday, August 31, 2009

Look what we can do!

These are LONG over due. Sometime this summer, Benji learned how to ride bike WITHOUT training wheels. (Because we live on top of a HILL, he typically rides bike down at Boppa's house.) He wanted me to take a video/picture so he could show Gpa, Gma, Aunt J, G.Gma M... but I always forgot my camera... until...

He thought I was taking a picture.. hence the reason he was going so slow and wouldn't stop looking at the camera! Normally you'd just see a streak Jacob, followed by another streak Benji.

And Carolyn has been doing good too. With training wheels. Notice how she starts at the top of the hill? Smart girl.. just like her Mom! :D

And never one to be outdone....He can climb on and off his little bike... But that's as far as he goes, for now!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Eleven years ago today-

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Tanya got married! Congrats on 11 years!! We love you both!
Happy Anniversary!
*Benji, Carolyn, Katie and Tubby*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Courtesy of Aunt Tanya

(These were taken last Sunday at Boppa and Gma's) Uncle Charles helped ALL 9 kids ride on Suzie (who had the patience's and endurance to keep up with them- good ol horse). I should say, they all rode Suzie from right after supper, until it got too dark. While the rest of us sat and watched, (and A. Tanya snapped pictures)... Poor Charles and the horse walked all over the yard, up the driveway, down the driveway, ran for the big boys, slowed down for the little boys... I'm guessing they BOTH slept well that night :) I know this one is blurry, but I love it anyways.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

alittle bit of everyone

Group nap time... which didn't work out as planned. although Katie did fall asleep. (i'm not sure why this pic rotated on me...) multi-tasking - eating and talking on her cell phone
(to Emily, or maybe it was Boppa, it could have been Gma, or possibly Daddy.. she talked to all of them within 30 seconds! :)

between 3 of the kids being sick and me, it was awhile before we saw the 'rest of the family'. Benji could hardly stand being away from Jacob for so long. Thankfully Jacob called one afternoon, 38 minutes later they were done! (And they think girls talk a lot.) These boys are (nearly) 6 and 7 !! *if I say Benji is 5 I get in trouble. Because his b-day is coming up... Nov... but close enough for him!*
We've found some really, really neat computer games. * they are so handy on rainy days..* The flowers in our garden are slowly blooming. (that's what happens when you plant later)
I'm not sure what you'd call Carolyn. She entertained herself one afternoon by playing with their hair bands.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy's Helpers

Friday night, the kids were EXCITED to help Daddy move his pile of boards. Even Tubby helped. They had to take a break for supper. But Benji could hardly eat. He was just itching to go carry more boards! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home School Blog

  • This fall, these 2 munchkins will be starting school. Benji: Kindergarten. Carolyn: Pre-school. But they will be taught at home, versus going to public school.
  • I had this big long post typed up, defending our choice to home school and so on. Then I deleted it. Where you decided to have your kids taught is up to YOU. People will always have their opinions on things. And when they are strongly set, you can rarely make them at LEAST see where you are trying to come from. We, meaning my husband and myself are 100% settled on this TOGETHER. And that's all the opinions that matter to us. I do realize people may/will talk about this, and perhaps judge us or our children. But we feel this is the best choice for our children for the time being. (Who knows what the future will hold) We believe we can make this work for them. We both know kids taught at home and in public schools that have both thrived and failed. So while we realize this may not be the choice for you and your family, it is the one for us.
  • So that being said. There are a few of us that are beginning to home school this fall. We thought it would be great to have a spot where we could share: ideas, resources, advice, thoughts, support, etc. Some of us are just beginners, some have being doing this for years. Out of respect for everyone involved, it has been asked that the blog remain private. If you are interested in participating, or viewing the blog (not just because your are 'nosy' about homeschooling :D ) please send me your email me at country_rhythm (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • I should add... you DON'T have to home school to join. If you have young children, or run a daycare.. anyone who has great ideas for kids or NEEDS ideas. You get the point. Right? :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Little things = BIG fun

Meet the poor victim friend of the morning Keeping the toad from John - not as easy as it may seem.
"aww, he's so purdy Mommy!"
Just making sure it didn't pee on her..

Mother Hen telling John to be gentle with the little toad. About 2.2 seconds later the little toad jumped outta her hand and met his fate underneath the bottom of John's shoe. (in his defense, he got all excited when he saw it was loose and started jumping around..the poor toad just jumped the wrong way :0)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jacob says!

(We have this type of conversation ALMOST daily...)

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says we eat toads!

  • Me: Toads? Yuck! No, we don't eat toads.

  • Benji: Yes, we do. Jacob says we do.

A little while later...

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says............

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says...........

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says..........

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says........

  • Benji: Mom, Jacob says.......

  • Me: That Jacob sounds like a silly willy to me!


This Jacob he's talking about most of you already know.

He's Benji's sidekick, just-like-a-big-brother, best-est friend in the whole-wide-world, bike riding pal (oh.. Jacob also taught him how to ride without training wheels!), partner in crime and.. they're cousins.

I must admit I'm just a teensy bit worried at what this Jacob will teach my son! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

all about hair

Benji+bath= Porcupine hairKatie's hair is quite long when it's wet. But once it dries.. it curls up tight!And of course, not to be left out. Here's an angle on Tubby's hair!Carolyn's (bed-head) hair is getting looong too.

*She's modeling her 'princess' smile for Gpa, Gma and A. Jess*

Monday, August 17, 2009

What was I thinking?

Spaghetti and chocolate pudding....
She used about 5 napkins to keep her mess to a minimum.
He just likes to eat. But because he's older, he can be neat.. sometimes.

However...THIS boy, is too little and too hungry to worry about being neat!

Despite what it looks like in the pictures, most of it made it into his mouth.

Carolyn was still sick on this night.. so while this was going on, she was nibbling soda crackers on the couch!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Benji + Naptime= funnies

  • Daddy: Benji, you need to lay down for a rest.

  • Benji: But I can't.

  • Daddy: Why not?

  • Benji: Because I get so 'complicated' when I take a nap!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tubby. Markers. Cupcakes

Do you know that just because the package says "Washable Markers".. that it doesn't mean they actually 'wash' out? But I guess that is what happens when you have 3 older siblings, 1 Mom who had too many things going on and didn't put them up.. You would think I was a 1st time Mom.. yikes!
But here.. he found a pen. Again.. left over from his sister/brother. Colored on his leg, the couch, the paper, his belly, his pj's. Katie Mother Hen was scolding him when I took his picture. Hence the puckered up face :) If you can blow up this picture, you'll see his artwork on his freshly bathed thighs! A simple laundry basket provides him with hours of fun. Earlier he tipped over backwards, the basket flipped on top of him. He was trapped and confused. I tried to grab my camera quick, but he was too fast and figured out how to escape!

Saturday is the 'It's-finally-official-and-all-over' adoption party for our nephew. We (Benji and me) made 6 dozen cupcakes to bring!! The only problem is the sickness I was telling you about earlier this week... is still hanging on. They are on the mend, but not quite back to 'normal'. So it isn't looking very bright for our entire family to join in the festivities. But it sounds like there's to be a crowd, so maybe nobody will notice that our circus family is not there! But tomorrow is another day. So we'll wait and see. In the meantime, I need to find a place to keep the 3 HUGE boxes of cupcakes away from my 4 kids! And cross my fingers that NONE of the cupcakes make it back home after the party :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we've been up to...

Playing outside - sandbox, swing set, pool.

Gathering vegt. from the garden. LOTS and LOTS of green beans. Some zucchini/summer squash, cucumbers, peas and peppers too.

Playing inside - it's been too HOT and humid outside some days. Playing nicely together... then in just a split second, they fight get along like brothers and sisters do.

Finding 'treasures' Mom was about to throw away..

Cleaned and eagerly anticipated our special company's arrival.

Cancelled our visit with our special company, due to a sick kid. Attempt to reschedule.

Sleeping (during the day) because some are up most of the night. 3 of the 4 kids are sharing a bug. All patiently taking turns, waiting until the 1st one is just well enough so Mom starts to breath a sigh of relief, then WHAM! the next one takes their turn.

I suppose it's better than having 4 sick at one time..but dragging out these sleepless nights isn't much fun either. But tis the life of Motherhood! At least I'm not sick with them.. yet..{knock on wood}

Oh! And if we manage to get over this, we have a party for my nephew this Sat... I have a few cupcakes to make to say the least! Think enough for 60 people !! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

*Holding their Patience's*

The other day I was busy in the kitchen. Carolyn and Katie came in asking for a treat. I told them as soon as I was done I would get them one. Pretty soon I heard Carolyn say, "Mom, we're holding our patience's". When I turned around this is what I saw...
Now I wonder where they heard that from?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where's Carolyn?

The kids love to hide in the tall grass at the bottom of the driveway. Then they pretend to be mtn lions, bear, dinosaurs, dogs, or even a 'kid'. I pretend to be scared. Then John comes to my rescue and tackles the mtn lion/bear/dino/dog/kid. No really. He does! Maybe some day I'll get a video of it...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Loyal Friend and Visitor

I've received my very 1st Blog Award- For being a loyal friend and visitor. Thank You Country Mom! Despite having 4 kids, and a life, a house, a garden, etc. I try very hard to make my 'rounds' every day. I know how much I LOVE reading comments on my blog, so I try VERY hard to leave a comment on every blog I read. I've made new friends thru blogger. People I've never met, nor likely will. But we connect on so many things that we instantly are friends. Thanks again Audrey!
Here are the rules:

1. Copy the loyal picture above

2. Pass it to you think who is/are deserving.

3. Leave a message to them

4. Pass as many as you want.

5. Message back or leave a comment to the owner.

So the Loyal Friends/Visitors for 'Life with 2 cowboys and 2 ponytails' are:
  • Neisha - Neisha's Notes
  • Darcie - The Story of Us
  • Jenny - A Moving Family
  • Mindy- Which Butt
  • Lindsay - This Girl's Life

Obviously there are more loyal commenter's than these 5. And I'm thankful for each and everyone! Maybe I should have said.. If you've left a comment on my blog within the last 2 wks.. grab the button! And I know there are loyal readers out there, that don't always comment *ahem*, but I know you're lurking around! But regardless if you get this award or not, please now I'm glad I am to have your stop by!

The things you do for big sisters

Argh!!.. I can't even make it budge! Fine.. I'll put all my weight belly into it.Time-out! Carolyn found a spider. Whew! Now we're rollin'.
"Now, why don't I get a push?"