Monday, August 31, 2009

Look what we can do!

These are LONG over due. Sometime this summer, Benji learned how to ride bike WITHOUT training wheels. (Because we live on top of a HILL, he typically rides bike down at Boppa's house.) He wanted me to take a video/picture so he could show Gpa, Gma, Aunt J, G.Gma M... but I always forgot my camera... until...

He thought I was taking a picture.. hence the reason he was going so slow and wouldn't stop looking at the camera! Normally you'd just see a streak Jacob, followed by another streak Benji.

And Carolyn has been doing good too. With training wheels. Notice how she starts at the top of the hill? Smart girl.. just like her Mom! :D

And never one to be outdone....He can climb on and off his little bike... But that's as far as he goes, for now!


Neisha said...

the only speed Nolan knows now is FAST! everywhere he goes, it's fast

Gpa R/Gma J said...

Wow, we are so proud of you big guys. John should have a big wheel. Remember those days, Heather?

Darcie said...

It is so cool when your kids learn how to ride their bikes! I love how the littlest one has to keep right up with his siblings.