Friday, August 14, 2009

Tubby. Markers. Cupcakes

Do you know that just because the package says "Washable Markers".. that it doesn't mean they actually 'wash' out? But I guess that is what happens when you have 3 older siblings, 1 Mom who had too many things going on and didn't put them up.. You would think I was a 1st time Mom.. yikes!
But here.. he found a pen. Again.. left over from his sister/brother. Colored on his leg, the couch, the paper, his belly, his pj's. Katie Mother Hen was scolding him when I took his picture. Hence the puckered up face :) If you can blow up this picture, you'll see his artwork on his freshly bathed thighs! A simple laundry basket provides him with hours of fun. Earlier he tipped over backwards, the basket flipped on top of him. He was trapped and confused. I tried to grab my camera quick, but he was too fast and figured out how to escape!

Saturday is the 'It's-finally-official-and-all-over' adoption party for our nephew. We (Benji and me) made 6 dozen cupcakes to bring!! The only problem is the sickness I was telling you about earlier this week... is still hanging on. They are on the mend, but not quite back to 'normal'. So it isn't looking very bright for our entire family to join in the festivities. But it sounds like there's to be a crowd, so maybe nobody will notice that our circus family is not there! But tomorrow is another day. So we'll wait and see. In the meantime, I need to find a place to keep the 3 HUGE boxes of cupcakes away from my 4 kids! And cross my fingers that NONE of the cupcakes make it back home after the party :)


mom 2 4J's said...

Those cupcakes look fabulous...they are making me hungry! Julia will still decorate herself...just out of the blue she decides to draw all over herself:) Oh well, they get bigger and aren't interested in markers...just stuff like baking soda and vinegar rockets:)

Mikki said...

YUMO! Those look delicious!!!
What a cute post!

Neisha said...

the cupcakes look good.
Kylie who is 6 and old enough to know better colored all over her arms, legs and face with a pen! Mom was not happy

Heather said...

LOL! Meri did the SAME thing a couple days ago. The lovely "washable" markers were not so washable. She had big purple lines on her legs even after I scrubbed them.

G'ma Joyce said...

John is still adorable. Poor little guy has so many moms, ha.