Thursday, August 13, 2009

What we've been up to...

Playing outside - sandbox, swing set, pool.

Gathering vegt. from the garden. LOTS and LOTS of green beans. Some zucchini/summer squash, cucumbers, peas and peppers too.

Playing inside - it's been too HOT and humid outside some days. Playing nicely together... then in just a split second, they fight get along like brothers and sisters do.

Finding 'treasures' Mom was about to throw away..

Cleaned and eagerly anticipated our special company's arrival.

Cancelled our visit with our special company, due to a sick kid. Attempt to reschedule.

Sleeping (during the day) because some are up most of the night. 3 of the 4 kids are sharing a bug. All patiently taking turns, waiting until the 1st one is just well enough so Mom starts to breath a sigh of relief, then WHAM! the next one takes their turn.

I suppose it's better than having 4 sick at one time..but dragging out these sleepless nights isn't much fun either. But tis the life of Motherhood! At least I'm not sick with them.. yet..{knock on wood}

Oh! And if we manage to get over this, we have a party for my nephew this Sat... I have a few cupcakes to make to say the least! Think enough for 60 people !! :)


Neisha said...

what are you doing with your veggies? doing any canning? It's very easy to do once you figure out how to do it. i like it better than freezing

Heather S said...

I'm freezing them for now. I haven't bought my canner yet :( But at the rate we're going I'll run out of freezer space!!


Heather, I hope your babies are all well soon. Hope your party goes well. Sixty people, that's a huge party. Can't wait to hear how it went. Blessings,

Heather T said...

oh no! hope everyone feels better soon...:0)