Monday, August 17, 2009

What was I thinking?

Spaghetti and chocolate pudding....
She used about 5 napkins to keep her mess to a minimum.
He just likes to eat. But because he's older, he can be neat.. sometimes.

However...THIS boy, is too little and too hungry to worry about being neat!

Despite what it looks like in the pictures, most of it made it into his mouth.

Carolyn was still sick on this night.. so while this was going on, she was nibbling soda crackers on the couch!


Lindsay said...

hahahaaaa!! that's the exact reason my son eats his meal with only his diaper on... less clean up. why not a bib, you might ask. no idea- ask my kids. they both indignantly rip them of as soon as i put them on. therefore, we eat (almost) in the buff. yeah. sorry you still have a sick kiddo- i think cole's on the mend, though, because he slept. all. night. yay! hope she feels better soon, poor baby!

mom 2 4J's said...

I do believe spaghetti is the messiest food kids eat. Maybe it is because they seem to like it so much and they try to "shove" every bit of it in:) Cute kids!Hope you guys are over your sickness.

Gramm and Gramp said...

Wow, John did a job on that meal or/a mess. Must have been good. How did you and Benjamin look. :)

Neisha said...

you were thinking...the kids will eat this. or maybe your kids aren't picky eaters


Heather, I hope you are feeling better. I love all the food pics, So cute:)

Heather T said...

looks like fun...haha...;0)