Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kids in a Box

I think between the 3 pictures you can see all 8 kids :) This was taken at Grandma Linda's 50th birthday party. The kids had more fun playing with the boxes, bows and paper than their toys.

Everyday Play

John usually spends most of his day in 2 places: the jump-a-roo, or the swing. He keeps entertained and happy...and it's a good place to catch a catnap.
Benjamin put Benji in the highchair to tease him. But Benji didn't seem to mind. He asked for a banana and ate away :)
The last 2 pictures are the kids pretending to be Benjamin & me. The 1st one they are playing mtg (note Benji is wearing Benjamin's boots & coat). The last one, (yes, Benji & Carolyn have their arms around each other) they still are playing "Benjamin & Heather" only today Katie was their 'brother', and she was holding "John". I'm quite amazed at their creativity. They come up with quite the things at times.

Carolyn is 3!

I finally found my camera, (actually Benjamin did) so here are some pictures to catch you up-to-date. Carolyn turned 3 the end of January. I misplaced my camera the morning of her party, so I only have a picture of her "party cake" and the cake we had with just our little family.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We (me & kids and Heather & kids) went to Beecham's for the day. We had a little Valentines party for the kids. Eight kids and 3 mom's! It was tons of fun, as it always is when all the kids get together.

John Henry: 5 mos old

Today John is 5 mos. old. He hasn't been to the dr lately, but when I weigh him with me on the scale he weighs about 17 lbs. Not sure how accurate it is, but when you look at him & pick him up, its quite possible. He continues to be a happy & content baby. During the day he likes to sit in his "jump-a-roo" and watch the kids play. At night he usually sleeps until 4:30-5:00, then goes back to sleep for a tad longer. Can't complain! I tried baby cereal, but he wasn't interested. Obviously he isn't lacking for food, so I figured he can wait a bit longer. No tooth has come thru yet, but he chews & drools all day. He looks alot like Benji's baby pictures, but resembles Carolyn as she was a chubby baby too, and had the same hair color as John.

Friday, February 8, 2008


It has been some time since we've posted new pictures. We do actually have quite a bit to post, BUT... at Carolyn's birthday party last Sunday, I misplaced my camera. So until I can relocate it... you'll have to wait.