Monday, May 31, 2010

Discovery Center

The other week we joined our friends at The Discovery Center,  for story hour.  Instead of reading books, this time they had a lil petting zoo.  (baby goat, lamb, rabbit, pot-belly pig, baby gooslings...)
snack time
Art time..
Our kids can take a piece of paper and cut it into a million little pieces on any given day.  But it was hilarious watching them cut out their cows.  :)

Then it was off to play!  2 stories of fun, learning and adventure!!  The kids had a BLAST!! (not to mention the 2 story high slide indoors)

3 cuties in the kitchen
Driving Shifting the big fire truck...
Their favorite spot....

outside fun...(and no one fell in the water)
(John stayed home with Daddy)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Panama City Beach...

Bright and early Sunday morning....while Daddy and Benji were still fast asleep
Last swim in the ocean... or at least until next time!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Warning: Photo overload post

As we made our way from Tallahassee to Panama City, we stopped at a beach in Carrabelle

First time in the Ocean!!

Next up... Panama City Beach...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are we there yet?

We checked the mail just before we left town.  Luckily there was a care package in the mail for the kids!!  Buzz, Woody, Rex, books, purses, notebooks, pens... Enough to keep them occupied for a few minutes :)
It was rainy and cool the morning we left.. hence the reason the kids 'needed' to wear coats.
Somewhere near the AL/FL line we stopped at a Pioneer Museum.  John was delighted.  "THOMAS!!" 
The ride is never, ever dull or boring.  never.

Our 1st glimpse of the ocean!!  The kids lost all patience's and wanted to swim RIGHT.NOW.
We found a beach alongside the road....
Our starving-to-death kids were suddenly not hungry once we stopped for lunch by the beach.

Can we go to the beach yet?  Can we go to the beach yet?  Can we go to the beach yet?
The beach was calm and peaceful.  Until our 4 kids stepped onto it!
More pics coming...