Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couple of Quacks

Let me set the scene:
Last night. It was way past bedtime.
{John and Benji typically go to bed without a problem. Since they sleep together, we except a little bit of giggling and goofing around before the 2 buddies brothers settle down and fall asleep.} But last night.... it was 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45... I probably should have gotten after them loong before now. But it was warm in the house, John took a late nap, they were being relatively quiet.
Until I heard this noise... it started in their bedroom, then proceeded down the hall, into the living room. I quickly grabbed my camera (obviously).
After these ducks were done quacking, they needed chips and water. Then they finally crashed... shortly after 11:00. (Benji slept until 8:45... John was up by {groan} 6:30) Everyone is getting naps today. Because Momma Duck is tired!
** The video isn't the best quality. But the kids (and me) laugh and laugh everytime we see it!**


Boppa and G'ma S. said...

Is Momma duck cranky today from little sleep? TeeHee! That sure is adorable, the video, I mean. Ah, the memories of the silly and cute things our kids do and say. There will be many more for you and Benjamin. Love You All!!

Darcie said...

Hope Momma duck got her nap! At least they were having fun, right?

ShareandRemember said...

Cute! They will just "love" that video someday! lol Looks like they were still going strong at that hour.

Melissa said...

That video is adorable! Ahh, the memories!

gkey said...

dear Late night show,

What prompted the duckling? Have you been reading or singing about them?
Sometimes you just gotta laugh (and photograph)

Jenny said...

such adorable boys! Of course, if it were my boys awake at that hour quacking, I'm not sure I'd have thought it was adorable. But since it was someone else's kids...!