Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bath time


Neisha said...

did he think the pool was too big? needed something smaller? :)

Lindsay said...

what? no bubbles? :)

Jenny said...

How do you keep all the debris out of the water? Our kids would love a little pool like that, but leaves blow into it, mosquitoes mate in it, etc. (We have a shady yard, too many trees.) If I dump the water after everytime they use it, when it's filled again the water is too cold to swim in. So my kids are deprived of such fun things as a pool :(

Gary said...

I suppose he sat in the tub so he could be dry in the pool and then she came along and poured water on him? :) Who knows what they were thinking.

Heather S said...

Lindsay- oh.. i'm sure there were bubbles... knowing my son :)

Jenny- we don't keep it clean! :) We don't have any trees close to the pool spot, so no leaves/sticks. (but 4 kids + grass= mess) Usually once a week we have to drain, clean, re-fill.

Our kids are maniacs.. they'll splash as we're filling the pool up. but the weather is also slightly hotter down here than in WI, so the water heats up overnight.
(sometime these pools come with a when your not using them, they stay cleaner)

Heather said...

Ahh, looks like fun =) we could use a pool today, it's HOT! wish we could come join you!

Jen said...

I left this comment on your other blog,'s important. :)

So, have you moved to TN? Are you ever coming back to Wisco? :)

The Papendorfs said...

this is great!

The Beecham's said...

Oh...that looks like FUN!!

Amy said...

Looks way too fun!! Oh to be a kiddo again :)

gkey said...

dear Water logged,
Cleaner than clean,
Wetter than wet,
What crazy ideas
these kiddos get!
HotWeather+Kids+Water=FUN TIMES