Friday, May 14, 2010

How we're spending our time..

Calling...catching up
Playing with toys in toy boxes. (aka- making big messes)
Trying not to get too much sunshine :)
swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming and... you guessed it.. more swimming.
Watching our new bird feeder.  We also watched some baby birds grow and fly away right by the front porch.

We try to hoola-hoop!  We play at the park!
We play outside.  We cut the grass.  We push our big sister around the yard.
We (Benji and Katie) went to the Dentist.  First time for Katie.  No cavities for either one! :)


thisbpat said...

Arggggggggg are you trying to make us jealous? A pool, roses, we'll not enjoy those for several weeks yet. Ah well, enjoy it for us, warmer weather is coming to be near 80 on Thur.

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

cute and adorable kids! beautiful roses. ya'll really have a beautiful place.

gkey said...

dear Southern Sunshine,

glad to see you are enjoying all the wonderful things you should be!

the simple things are simply wonderful.

Darcie said...

Awww...the life of a child...looks pretty close to perfect.

Have a great weekend Heather.

Neisha said...

beautiful roses!
beautiful water!! :) i want to go swimming!

Gary said...

The kids look busy, but I wonder if Mom gets anything done besides tanning and taking pictures! :D

Jen said...

Swimming! Not quite that warm here yet...but soon! I absolutely love the photo of your daughter on the phone...great shot!

Heather S said...

@Gary- you mean I'm SUPPOSE to be doing more than tanning and taking pics? :)

Gramm and Gramp said...

Thanks for sharing your fun days with us all, you do have an adorable family.