Sunday, May 18, 2008


This weekend we went to a little lake nearby. The kids had a blast fishing. Benji is a little pro.. he caught a few all by himself, which makes him EXTREMLY proud. He already tells fish stories. Daddy asked him if it was a big fish, "Well, I think it was a small fish, but no,actually it looks like a big fish."

John Henry: 8 mos

Wow, another month has flown by. John is already 8 months old. He is getting 4 teeth (the 2 top & the 2 bottom) at the same time. This morning I noticed all 4 have just cut through the gums. He hasn't been too cranky, but he shoves EVERYTHING in his mouth. Saturday he did the inch worm crawl (pushed his butt in the air, then pulled himself forward using his arms and pushing his legs) Not technically a crawl, but a start. He isn't too interested in baby food, he much rather prefers to eat table food ground up. Still a content & happy boy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Goats, Goats and more Goats

Another great day... so we went over to Aunt Tanya's. They have 12 - 13 baby goats. The kids had a blast playing in the pen with them. The goats didn't seem to mind all the "love & attention" they got from 7 little kids :)


We're finally getting nicer weather. We took advantage of the warm, sunny (windy) day to have a picnic outside! All the kids love to run & play outside. It's predicted to storm & cool off, so we enjoy it when we can!

Giddy Up

Benji is a little cowboy. He eat, sleeps and plays cowboy! He loves to tie up the bouncy horse, then rides away. The picture of the horse upside down is the day Benji decided "turn the livingroom upside down" (his exact words). So everything eventually got dumped out, or tipped over. He had waay more fun "turning the room upside down" than turning it back over :)