Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kathryn Leann: 2 yrs old

Ahh, little Katie is 2 yrs old already. Time has flown! I made a caterpillar cake for her (any cake with frosting would have been fine!) The picture with her fingers is Katie's way of showing she's two, the other cake pictures capture a taste of Katie's expressions. The last picture will probably come back to haunt her.. she added to her wild hair-do: Carolyn's underwear & Benji's cowboy boots (on the wrong feet). Lately she's always putting on or taking something off. Usually its a jacket or socks, but occasionally its everything:)

John Henry: 7 mos

Actually, John is 7 1/2 months... At an appt a few weeks back he weighed 19#13oz (with clothes) and was nearly 28" long. Quite a chunk! He loves to sit & play on the floor. No crawling yet, which is okay by me. But he gets around by pushing backwards or rolling. So far a happy & content boy!