Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast asleep

These are from Saturday night. (Note Carolyn's hair in curlers. Again. She LOVES them. It's almost a ritual now. Get out of bathtub, get on pjs, put curlers in hair!) Anyways, Daddy was laying on the couch and soon Carolyn curled up beside him, then Benji. This is how I found them just a few minutes later. ALL fast asleep!
And then there is Katie. "I'm NOT tired Mom!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When he says he's done, HE'S DONE!

John is known as 'Tubby' around these parts. I've learned some people don't like that we call him that, but I'm sorry to inform you, we don't plan on stopping just yet! :-) Look at him! He is built 100% like his Daddy's side. Big and tall. (His great G'pa was 6'9" & big and Daddy is 6'7", and I could go on and on. He stands a fair chance of carrying on the tradition.) In fact, Katie only calls him Tubby. I don't know if I've ever heard her call him John. He answers to both names: Tubby & John.
So the story continues. John was the last one eating breakfast (surprise!). While he finished up I combed the girls hair. In his own way he told me he was done. I was in the middle of a braid, so I proceeded to finish. (He was in full-view the entire time) He ever so casually proceeded to pull himself out of his seat. Not an easy task for him, considering the tray was pushed all the way up. He grunted...but finally.... Mom: "John! What are you doing?"
John: Covers his eyes! (If you can't see him, he isn't being naughty, right?)

John: Well, Mom I told you I was done and you didn't get me out! So I took matters into my own hands. Now will you please get me down!? I'm DONE already!
Next time- when he calls, I'll come a running!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Week

Lately things have been hopping for us. Something is always going on. Not often exciting. But we're simple people to please. Having 4 kids is exciting enough for me most days! :)

We had some NICE, sunny days. Even warm days. (By warm I mean 83*.) Which meant we played outside. All the time. It's so nice to have cousins (and aunts) close by. They come by to play and have lunch with us.

Carolyn + Emily + Sandbox= HOURS of FUN!

Meri can pump all by herself!

(Not sure why this is sideways) John (and Wyatt) always seemed to be in the swings. Well, not always. But they love 'em. (And it keeps their speedy, wandering feet contained). I loved how John's hands were folded.Meet Benji-sauras and Jake-a-sauras. (if you can't tell they are 3-horn dinosaurs). They have a clothes pin on their nose and 2 on their hats-before they had them on their ears. * They claimed it didn't hurt. At all. They left them on for quite awhile, until mean Mom/Aunt Heather made them stop and put them back! Boys!Maybe the best part of last week was a surprise but welcomed visit from my (2nd) cousin Jeremy, whom I haven't seen for 10 years. Tanya and her kids, plus her baby goat were their too. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to stop by!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Qwiet... I'm hunting Wabbit!

The other morning Katie spied a wabbit (that's how she actually pronounces it) out in our yard. Not a huge surprise, we do live in the country. She promptly informed me she was going to go outside, catch it, then she could pet it, and finally she'd bring it inside to show Tubby (aka John). It wasn't even 8:00- she had on her pj shirt, and a pull-up (with 1 cheek peeking out!)
The wabbit is this way-

Qwiet..Well- the obvious happened. The wabbit ran away. She found a robin to chase instead. Soon she gave up and decided to swing instead at 8:00 in the morning. I had to drag her in for breakfast. *(For those curious why I let my daughter go out dressed like that early in the morning can relax. That day it reached 83*-so it was quite warm in the morning.)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Usually Daddy's guitars are 'hands-off'. Unless. Daddy gives permission. Which is the case for John. It's likely the 1st thing all 4 of our children heard in the womb was Daddy playing guitar. Benji used to lay on Daddy's lap when he was a newborn, and fall asleep while Daddy played. Daddy loves to play guitar, and he's very good at it. Before things get out of hand, I should say, his kids come first. Way before his guitar time. Always have. Always will. The kids love to play along with Daddy, even sing along in the mic. It's just one of MANY things their Daddy does with them.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I love who I work for...

In these hard economic times, everyone is talking about losing their jobs. I was told by my 'employer(s)' that I am not to worry. My job is secured for quite some time. Meet my 4 bosses. These are the people that dictate my day (and nights). My life revolves around their needs (and wants). Their schedule is my schedule (which basically means, on demand). The hours are long, in fact, I'm "on-call" ALL the time. The pay is superb (although the bank doesn't accept my 'paycheck'). And the benefits...are unbelievably great! Some days I love my job, some days...not so much. But, I'm so thankful I was given this job! When I see these pictures, I can't wait to get back to work for them!

Oh yeah, I also put in a few hours for this guy too.

I LOVE my job!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another one joins the club..

My Sister-in-law, Tanya, has FINALLY started a blog!!!

It is a private blog, so if you are interested in viewing it, please email her at or you can leave your email address here on my comments and I can send it too her!

She's just getting started, so give her some time to let loose!

Just for my kids..

This is for my kids.. it is nothing exciting for the rest of ya'll, so bear with me! While running errands last week, I stopped in at Savers. (I happen to love that store, even if it is a 'hit and miss' for finding good buys) We FINALLY have a complete collection of 'Toy Story' characters... or at least its finally complete to my kids..

We have Woody and the girl cowboy (can't think of her name right now)!...
I also got a 'bigger' "My Little Pony", and another horse. (We only have a million horses laying around, but whats 1 more?!)
Now Buzz has his friend(s)....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One for me, One for Puppy

Little Miss Mother and her baby puppy eating a 'treat' (aka - left over chicken nugget from lunch)

One bite for Mommy
One bite for Puppy
What? Don't you share treats with your puppy? :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1 Mom, 9 kids, 1 warm-sunny day

Once upon a time, there was a Mom who watched 9 kids for a day. (4 of them were her own, 5 were her nieces and nephews). And she didn't have all 9 kids ALL day (G'ma took some off her hands when she got done with work early that afternoon!) But she was glad it was sunny and warm (72 degrees) out, because all 9 kids and her played outside all day.

Here's a peek at what they did that day- 1 Mom with 9 kids on that warm, sunny day~

All the girls, minus Katie (she was with 'the boys') and Tubby: playing mtg. The trio: Benji, Jacob and tag-along Katie took a walk in the woods
John tried to pull stumps out.. with his bare hands
Benji, Katie and Jacob dug for worms in the woods, because Boppa is taking them fishing (sometime) John helped put the rocks back on the fire pit
Meri played ball with me
Larissa relaxed in the warm sun4 boys, 5 girls... just sitting.....
my family for the day..
Katie, Benji, John, Jacob, Larissa, Wyatt, Emily, Meri and Carolyn

Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Party OVERLOAD!!!

Friday night we had Katie's 3rd birthday party. Here a few pictures, okay, a lot of pictures from the fun night. After supper, cake and presents we went outside to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!! (which I didn't get any pictures of)

Helping blow up balloonsThe final cake: princess/barbie/girl...."I'm 'free'!" *Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you...*
Katie, Cake, Candles, Cousins (minus John & Wyatt. Meri is hiding behind Larissa)Annie-('Boppa's Dog')
Present time Dresses.... and a BABY!!
Showing Boppa her new dress and ponytails.U Charles and A Tanya trying to figure out the bubble toy.
*Notice how Katie's head is cocked to the side. She is telling G'ma that those are in-fact underwear, not panties (as G'ma mistakenly called them)! What more could a girl ask for? Another purse, more shoes...The party was a success!
Katie sends a big Thank you! to Boppa, G'ma, U Charles, A Tanya, U Joe, A Heather and all her cousins for such a fun birthday party! She loves all her gifts! Thank you very much!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Full Sunday

I managed to snap some pictures of the kids this morning before we left. (I put Carolyn's hair in those foam curlers after her bath last night. I guess they really do work!) We had a nearly 1 1/2 hour drive, plus more sitting once we got there, then more sitting on the way home. The kids are happy to be 'free'. I had wanted to 'met' some of my blog friends, but it didn't work out. I'm sure you seen us make a trip or two out.... We get our special visitor tonight!! Glad she requested pizza for supper...

Just before we left - almost 8:00AM