Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tubby Overload

It takes some skill to sit on a balloon...Bouncy-bouncy It's not as easy as it looks!Anybody want to play??
'thank you for this food....'


G'ma Joyce said...

Looks like he will have fun with the bouncy balls we got the kids. He gets cuter every day just like 3 other munchkins we know.

Neisha said...

is he peeking in that last pic?

Heather S said...

G'ma Joyce- he will LOVE the bouncy balls. He sits on 'everything' and tries to bounce sitting on it.

Neisha- yes he is :) We were getting ready to eat, and he wanted his food. I told him we had to give thanks 1st. He covered his eyes, mumbled something, peeked...smiled and held his hand out for his plate. After all, he did just give thanks! :)

Darcie said...

Heather...getting back to you on your question. It's just a challenge that one blogger from WY started, and you can jump in when ever. You can link up at "Forever in Blue Jeans"(if you want),and then you can see others that are in the challenge. It seriously has been a great challenge, because before it, I rarely got in the picture. Jump in any time.