Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Party OVERLOAD!!!

Friday night we had Katie's 3rd birthday party. Here a few pictures, okay, a lot of pictures from the fun night. After supper, cake and presents we went outside to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!! (which I didn't get any pictures of)

Helping blow up balloonsThe final cake: princess/barbie/girl...."I'm 'free'!" *Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you...*
Katie, Cake, Candles, Cousins (minus John & Wyatt. Meri is hiding behind Larissa)Annie-('Boppa's Dog')
Present time Dresses.... and a BABY!!
Showing Boppa her new dress and ponytails.U Charles and A Tanya trying to figure out the bubble toy.
*Notice how Katie's head is cocked to the side. She is telling G'ma that those are in-fact underwear, not panties (as G'ma mistakenly called them)! What more could a girl ask for? Another purse, more shoes...The party was a success!
Katie sends a big Thank you! to Boppa, G'ma, U Charles, A Tanya, U Joe, A Heather and all her cousins for such a fun birthday party! She loves all her gifts! Thank you very much!


Neisha said...

love the Barbie cake! great job on it!

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

You're welcome, Katie.

Darcie said...

Looked like a fun birthday party! I love how she makes the number 3.

Gramm and Gramp said...

How fun, we sure do appreciate seeing all the party fun and being a little part on the side. Looks like a sucess again....and what a nice cake, good job

Heather said...

It was a fun party =) Can't believe she's 3 already!