Saturday, April 25, 2009


Usually Daddy's guitars are 'hands-off'. Unless. Daddy gives permission. Which is the case for John. It's likely the 1st thing all 4 of our children heard in the womb was Daddy playing guitar. Benji used to lay on Daddy's lap when he was a newborn, and fall asleep while Daddy played. Daddy loves to play guitar, and he's very good at it. Before things get out of hand, I should say, his kids come first. Way before his guitar time. Always have. Always will. The kids love to play along with Daddy, even sing along in the mic. It's just one of MANY things their Daddy does with them.


Neisha said...

Justin plays too. The kids love it. I have a picture of Kylie when she was younger. Justin's playing his guitar and she's playing hers.

Gary said...

I have a video of Kylie before she could walk, standing and holding a chair and jigging as Justin plays his guitar. Heather, hopefully some of your kids will learn an instrument and play and sing with Dad in later yrs.

Manders said...

That's just the sweetest pic ever.