Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 kids = 1 big photo shoot

  • Sunday we had the 'family' over for Benjamin's bday. Earlier that morning, we took a picture of all 10 kids in our mtg. (6 yrs - 8 wks). I didn't have my camera so maybe Tanya or Sheila can email me a picture to post on here. It went quite well!

  • Well, before supper we decided to try it with the 9 cousin's. We had 2 people on the sidelines to 'entertain' the kids, (Ahem.. Charles & the 'other' Heather) while myself, Tanya and G'ma snapped away. With 3 camera's I'm hoping we got a 'good' picture! (Although I personally like the ones where everyone is doing their own thing. Or should I say, they a 'natural pose'!)

  • The kids once again sat well. It might have had something to do with getting candy afterwards???!!

  • Then after the kids sat through that, G'ma asked if she and G'pa could get a picture with all their grandkids. Back to the couch kids! (I picked out the 'best' one..)

  • Here is an overload of pics crammed into 1 slideshow. The rest of you will get bored after picture #3 or #4. But I know 3 Grandma's who will stay glued all the way through to picture #15! These are for you G'ma (Ruth, Joyce & Linda)! We know you love your grandkids as much as they love you!

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Neisha said...

that's a cute picture. it makes me of kittens laying all over Ben's mom and dad.

G'ma Joyce said...

Yep, I watched thru the whole thing and will do so again. Noticed John and Wyatt are on opposite sides :) Precious kids you guys have.

Gramm and Gramp said...

What fun to see all the cousins together. I tell Heather how lucky the littles are to have cousins so near and to have so many fun times together.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Heather said...

Love the pictures! Could I possibly get one or two sent my way (email) since I forgot my camera that day?!

shaunandhelen said...

made me smile! We've had a couple attempts like that with Shaun's family.