Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 kids = 1 big photo shoot

  • Sunday we had the 'family' over for Benjamin's bday. Earlier that morning, we took a picture of all 10 kids in our mtg. (6 yrs - 8 wks). I didn't have my camera so maybe Tanya or Sheila can email me a picture to post on here. It went quite well!

  • Well, before supper we decided to try it with the 9 cousin's. We had 2 people on the sidelines to 'entertain' the kids, (Ahem.. Charles & the 'other' Heather) while myself, Tanya and G'ma snapped away. With 3 camera's I'm hoping we got a 'good' picture! (Although I personally like the ones where everyone is doing their own thing. Or should I say, they a 'natural pose'!)

  • The kids once again sat well. It might have had something to do with getting candy afterwards???!!

  • Then after the kids sat through that, G'ma asked if she and G'pa could get a picture with all their grandkids. Back to the couch kids! (I picked out the 'best' one..)

  • Here is an overload of pics crammed into 1 slideshow. The rest of you will get bored after picture #3 or #4. But I know 3 Grandma's who will stay glued all the way through to picture #15! These are for you G'ma (Ruth, Joyce & Linda)! We know you love your grandkids as much as they love you!

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Neisha said...

that's a cute picture. it makes me of kittens laying all over Ben's mom and dad.

G'ma Joyce said...

Yep, I watched thru the whole thing and will do so again. Noticed John and Wyatt are on opposite sides :) Precious kids you guys have.

Gramm and Gramp said...

What fun to see all the cousins together. I tell Heather how lucky the littles are to have cousins so near and to have so many fun times together.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Joe Heather & kids said...

Love the pictures! Could I possibly get one or two sent my way (email) since I forgot my camera that day?!

shaunandhelen said...

made me smile! We've had a couple attempts like that with Shaun's family.