Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Week

Lately things have been hopping for us. Something is always going on. Not often exciting. But we're simple people to please. Having 4 kids is exciting enough for me most days! :)

We had some NICE, sunny days. Even warm days. (By warm I mean 83*.) Which meant we played outside. All the time. It's so nice to have cousins (and aunts) close by. They come by to play and have lunch with us.

Carolyn + Emily + Sandbox= HOURS of FUN!

Meri can pump all by herself!

(Not sure why this is sideways) John (and Wyatt) always seemed to be in the swings. Well, not always. But they love 'em. (And it keeps their speedy, wandering feet contained). I loved how John's hands were folded.Meet Benji-sauras and Jake-a-sauras. (if you can't tell they are 3-horn dinosaurs). They have a clothes pin on their nose and 2 on their hats-before they had them on their ears. * They claimed it didn't hurt. At all. They left them on for quite awhile, until mean Mom/Aunt Heather made them stop and put them back! Boys!Maybe the best part of last week was a surprise but welcomed visit from my (2nd) cousin Jeremy, whom I haven't seen for 10 years. Tanya and her kids, plus her baby goat were their too. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to stop by!


Neisha said...

yeah for Merri! I wish Nolan would learn how to pump.

I had a sideways picture too. Couldn't figure out how to move it

Maybe the boys really wanted the clothespin horns so they dealt with pain

Duey and Kandace said...

Love the horns!:)