Sunday, April 12, 2009

For G'pa & G'ma

These pictures are for G'pa, G'ma (and everyone else that won't be seeing the kids today)!

Today is 1 of 2 of our 'special' Sundays. But the 4 kids are still under the weather: sneezing, coughing, runny nose...(well, as of Saturday night, when I wrote this..we'll see what morning brings)

Here is what the boys would have wore... (all 3 of them have matching shirts)

Here are the cute ladybug dresses for the girls, plus the matching hair that G'ma made...

Oh... Hoppy Easter! I made these cute Easter lily's using the kids hand prints as the flower part. My intent was to give them to both G'parents, but someone.. (ahem.. Tubby) a hold of some of them. So I'm selfishly keeping them for us, or rather what's left of them!
G'pa and G'ma: this is what you would have gotten. I have another cute idea that I'll try to do this wk :-)


thisbpat said...

Cute shirts, & love the dresses. Good to see you today too bad it wasn't all the family. Hope everyone is ok by next wkend.

Neisha said...

cute outfits!!
you've got more go than me. I was going to make those lillies with the kids but we went outside instead. the kids have such short attention spans when it comes to crafts.

G'ma Joyce said...

We would be happy with hand prints on our window, hint. Miss you guys, hope your family is feeling better. Kids look adorable even in jammies. (Do I sound like a g'ma?)

Mindy said...

were you guys at eau claire? i was trying to look around for you, but not sure where you live etc. will you be at pepin?

Mindy said...

well, hopefully we can meet at pepin. hope everyone is better by then!