Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This time I mean it!

I know, I know... I've said it before, but this time I really mean it! No more posts for the rest of the week (except for Saturday- which is Katie's day) I have a 'few' things that I need to do, and this computer is wasting all of my time. Maybe absence will make the heart/viewers grow fonder?!?! This is what the weeks holds in store for me:

  • I have 4 (semi) sick kids, I'm sick as well now (I will make it, life will go on, as it always does).
  • But at least our taxes are done, and the REFUND is coming....soon... I hope!
  • Today (Wednesday) I have 2 extra kids, plus 1 'big' kid.. (sorry 'T' buts thats what we call ya!) :-)
  • Thursday I'll have the same 2 extra kids, 1 'big' kid, plus 3 more kids (for awhile anyways).
  • Somewhere between now and Friday, I have to grocery shop, shop for a bday present/party things, clean house, make a bday cake, and something else, but I forgot (must not be too important)
  • Friday night we are having Katie's (3rd) bday party for my husband's side.
  • Sunday we'll have an early morning, long drive to a special Sunday.
  • Plus we get special company for supper and the night Sunday!!
  • And it's in the 60's this week and SUNNY, maybe it'll even hit 70.. so any spare time is spent enjoying the outdoors!

Since today is Wednesday, you only have to go 2 days without anything new from me! I can hear G'pa & G'ma already complaining :-) But I promise you something on Saturday.. then you'll have to wait a few more days...


G'ma Joyce said...

We'll be patiently waiting:)

Neisha said...

sounds like you'll be busy busy busy!
at least it will be nice outside so the kids will be out of your hair.
speaking of hair, did you ever do anything different with it?

ShareandRemember said...

Wow, you sound super busy! Do what you can but don't kill yourself! LOL I'm always trying to do it all too but I don't have 4 kids!

Mindy said...

just don't get any sicker. i'd like to meet you on sunday!