Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching up with Daddy

One night last week, Daddy got back late. John climbed in the chair next to Daddy and sat and 'talked' the entire time Daddy ate. And naturally he snagged a few bites as well. (John will be 19 mos tomorrow!)

In other news, our kids are still sick. It's nothing terrible, just a cold: runny nose, sneezing, coughing. (But being sick, is no fun no matter what) Benjamin stayed home with all 4 kids on Sunday, so I went with my in-laws for an enjoyable day with no distractions!! Now I have it, or at least the runny/stuffy nose part of it. I'm hoping we knock this fast... we are planning Katie's bday party for the end of this week, plus we have another 'big' Sunday coming up, and our 'special' company is coming Sunday night too!!!


Melissa said...

Hope you're all feeling better real soon!

G'ma Joyce said...

He is such a big boy. Love him tons. I'm sure he had lots to tell Daddy.

NanaK said...

He is changing looks again!!! Looking very grown-up! He is a sweetie (along w/the other 3!!!)

Neisha said...

sounds like Nolan. sometimes he'll sit by Justin whether it's at the table or in a chair and "talk" to him.
kids are precious.
next time try to get a video of John talking :)

Heather S said...

Neisha- I wanted to get a video, because everytime I'd take a picture, he'd see the lights and look..
but my batteries were just about dead and I couldn't do a video :(

It would have been a great video.. he just 'talked and talked' the entire time Benjamin sat there :)