Friday, July 26, 2013

A man's girls best friend

Out of the four kids, Katie is the one that has taken the biggest interest in Rosie.  If Rosie isn't in the house, it's almost certain she'll be found tagging along behind Katie.  And her pocket full of treats. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On the war path

Dad taught the kids this little trick.  Smash blackberries and apply to face!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

peeks of our summer

The way our summer was shaping up, I decided to try a pallet and container garden.  I did keep it small, so I won't get much, but it's something.
Me and the Mr.  I'm amazed at how time has deepened our love.  No matter what, there is no where I'd rather be, than right here. By his side.
After a drawn out winter, the pool is up and open for business.  The hot, humid weather makes the fresh, freezing cold well water quite refreshing. 
This is out of order, but our bean pallet is doing well.
Benjamin did a show at an old western town.  All the kids had a blast!

They had ropes set up near the chuck wagon.  The 4 boys spent (almost) the entire time roping the 'calves' they had set up.  And each other.  The girls tried their hand at it too.  Our family went back the following day, and Carolyn spent hours learning to crack the whip.   Her persistence paid off, as she was crackin' it by the end of the evening.
4 smiling cuties

Monday, July 15, 2013

Slowing Down

Time always seems to fly by.  It feels like this year is just speeding by.  This past few weeks have been quite full.  But thru the midst of the busyness, we've enjoyed watching this rose bud, bloom and blossom.
This rose was slightly more special than any other rose I've gotten before.  For Mother's Day, the kids took money they earned to buy me flowers.  This rose bush was one of their plants.
I noticed a bud starting to form not too long ago.  The kids could hardly stand the wait.  Everyday, quite a few times each day, they would go check on the little bud.  It did take some time for it to completely blossom.  But it was a good, gentle reminder for me to just slow down and be patient.   We're now enjoying the fragrance of this rose as we sit down at the table every meal.




Friday, July 5, 2013

Hodge-podge of a post

I finally was able to upload pictures from my camera to the new computer.  Hopefully now I'll be better at updating.  Hopefully.
My birthday landed last weekend.  Sunday we were able to meet my family at my grandparents for the day.  We enjoyed our long over-due visit with them.
John has taken a big interest in playing guitar.  Quite often when Daddy goes upstairs to his studio, John will tag along.  I guess this particular session lasted too long! :)
I'm amazed at how long and hard the kids can play, especially in the summer time.  Sometimes bedtime comes before they are ready.
This is probably the biggest deal of summer.  Grandpa is teaching the kids how to drive the 4 wheeler.  It's so cute watching the kids drive by.  (Katie is driving on this picture).  Over and over I'm thankful our kids are able to be raised in the country.  
(This picture was taken last summer)  This summer meant 11 years of marriage for me and him.  Thankful for him and the life we're building together.
Craft day with cousins.
We found this guy crawling on our driveway.  Quite the snappy fella!
Father's Day
Helping Daddy work on the chimney.
The pup isn't such a pup anymore.  She's grown so much.  She was quite curious as Benji skinned his rabbit.