Monday, July 15, 2013

Slowing Down

Time always seems to fly by.  It feels like this year is just speeding by.  This past few weeks have been quite full.  But thru the midst of the busyness, we've enjoyed watching this rose bud, bloom and blossom.
This rose was slightly more special than any other rose I've gotten before.  For Mother's Day, the kids took money they earned to buy me flowers.  This rose bush was one of their plants.
I noticed a bud starting to form not too long ago.  The kids could hardly stand the wait.  Everyday, quite a few times each day, they would go check on the little bud.  It did take some time for it to completely blossom.  But it was a good, gentle reminder for me to just slow down and be patient.   We're now enjoying the fragrance of this rose as we sit down at the table every meal.





The Beecham's said...

Very pretty and worth the wait!

ShareandRemember said...

Beautiful! Sweet that the kids are anxious for it to bloom! :)

Darcie said...

So very so many ways!