Wednesday, August 26, 2009

alittle bit of everyone

Group nap time... which didn't work out as planned. although Katie did fall asleep. (i'm not sure why this pic rotated on me...) multi-tasking - eating and talking on her cell phone
(to Emily, or maybe it was Boppa, it could have been Gma, or possibly Daddy.. she talked to all of them within 30 seconds! :)

between 3 of the kids being sick and me, it was awhile before we saw the 'rest of the family'. Benji could hardly stand being away from Jacob for so long. Thankfully Jacob called one afternoon, 38 minutes later they were done! (And they think girls talk a lot.) These boys are (nearly) 6 and 7 !! *if I say Benji is 5 I get in trouble. Because his b-day is coming up... Nov... but close enough for him!*
We've found some really, really neat computer games. * they are so handy on rainy days..* The flowers in our garden are slowly blooming. (that's what happens when you plant later)
I'm not sure what you'd call Carolyn. She entertained herself one afternoon by playing with their hair bands.


Neisha said...

:) Kylie does the hairbands and such too. she puts all her barrettes and clips in her hair and her scrunchies around her wrists and ankles

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Carolyn the Gypsie?! lol

Darcie said...

Your kids are so active its fun to keep up with all their little games and all that entertains them.


Heather, They are all great pics. Glad you are feeling better. I was sick yesterday (My Birthday) but feel much better today. Blessings,

Heather said...

Love the one with Carolyn and the headbands! Creative =)
Also Benji on the phone =) I know how excited Jake was to finally be able to call him & at least talk.

Donald Lamont said...

The photo did not rotate because it was taken looking straight down, so the small sensor in the camera did not have a format to load it in. You have to do it by hand when downloading the photo in you camera's program on your computer. Probably picture project for what is probably a Nikon.
Nice blog!