Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In just a few days...

We pulled into TN Sunday evening, so we didn't really get to see much. We knew what to except Monday morning, as we saw snow the ENTIRE.TRIP.DOWN. It was unusual to drive thru southern IL, KY and then into TN and see snow all around! For the most part the roads were clear. Until we hit Nashville and headed further south. It's so obvious they are not used to winters like we are, nor are they equipped to deal with large amounts of it.Pictures, (or at least mine) don't do justice to the beauty of ice covering.. everything. Early Monday morning, I snuck into town to get groceries before the kids awoke. The sunrise through the ice covered trees on country roads... sigh... unbelievably beautiful!
And then, the sun came out. Monday morning it sounded like a river roaring, as the ice melted off the trees and everything else. As the temps neared 50, the snow has quickly disappeared. Leaving lots of fishing puddles ponds. We *heart* this TN sunshine!


Jen said...

It DOES look beautiful! I'm sorry that you have to take such LONG trips in one shot, too. That's not much for an adventure. I understand WHY you have to do it, but I still can't imagine that it would be much fun. It also seems like you're traveling on Sundays a lot, so I'm sorry that you're probably missing out on some fellowship. Hopefully you guys can share some nice thoughts in the car while driving.

What I really wanted to ask, though, is what's up with this place you stay at. Nosy me wants to know. :) Do you rent it from someone or some friends down there? Or is it similar to the cabin places that you sometimes stay at? Whatever the arrangement it looks like a nice place! Better than a hotel, that's for sure! :) Enjoy your trip! Keep us updated!

Darcie said...

Here today...gone tomorrow! :-) Enjoy the sun for us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Happy Heather,
What a beautiful sight - the snow and your babies. The ice is lovely until it gets really heavy and the wind starts to blow, then the trees are in big trouble and it's a horrible, heartbreaking mess to clean up come Springtime.

Happy Birthday to your sweetie girl! Tell grandma not to try to grow her up so fast! ;)
Breaking The Ice In NE