Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lost in the shuffle

(this post got lost in the was suppose to post right after this one)

The other afternoon/evening we got together at a nearby park.  Alot of the local people and friends have gotten word about Benjamin working his magic music in TN.  What was intended to be just a small group at home, turned into a large potluck at the baseball field.  It was a good time. We got to listen to great music, eat lots of good food.  Saw people we rarely see, even met some new friends (well, new to me, since I didn't grow up in this lil town).  The kids had a blast.. running around, dancing, playing...
The fun ended late.. but there's a few smiles left in these red-cheeked, mostly wore out, tired kids!
Harleigh, James, Jacob, Katie, Larissa, Benji, John, Emily, Katie G, Carolyn, Meri, Wyatt and Mariah


All American Family said...

How fun! I bet those kids slept well that night!

gkey said...

dear Worth Finding,

Looks/sounds like a great time together.

Music,kids,laughing,visiting,and eating!

thisbpat said...

Wonder if you had dropped off the end of the earth, hadn't posted for a few days & I missed you.

Kat said...

Hey, darling Heather.

That is some line up! Better late than never, that's what they say... whoever they are.