Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spoiled. Loved. Presents. Treats.

Meet Cooper.  The sweetest, cutest, loudest, wildest, craziest dog.  EVER.  Kinda like his owner :) He loves Katie and never leaves her arms.
This boy is choo-choo crazy for trains.  We likely have every Thomas book there is to buy.  He can tell you the name of every train he has.
Meet Rapunzel.   She came with llloooong, smooth as silk hair.  After one short afternoon going everything with this little girl, her hair is... well... Tangled!.  But she sure is loved.  Rarely does Rapunzel leave Carolyn's arms.
This big fella got a bat and ball.  He's good enough that he moved onto being the coach.  A mighty good one.  Very patient.  Very thorough.  Very proud when he got his Lil brother to hit a home run.  (that black thing on Benji's belt... those are binoculars.  He saw everything up close and personal this weekend) :)


Neisha said...

your kids are so cute :) Kylie has a Rapunzel doll too and her hair is also Tangled :)

Gary said...

Hmmm... I take it you northern visitors came bearing gifts! :)

Jim and Donna said...

fun times for all the grandkids, special visit from special people, glad you are all safe with the nasty weather all around you

Diane T. said...

Looks like Mom and Dad and Auntie enjoyed their time. I just realized today that you were no longer in Wisconsin. I envy you the longer growing season but I don't envy the flooding down there. We had our own this spring but it only lasted long enough to get the basement cleaned. :)

ShareandRemember said...

What a fun time & fun gifts!