Sunday, October 23, 2011

(another) picture-less updated

  • Our entire family has been battling this bug since the end of September.  Some had/have it worse than others.  Some barely got it.  Most were on medicine(s).  I haven't decided if it's better when Mommy and the kids are sick together.  Rarely do we all get sick at once, usually it's drug out-  It's made for looong days and nights.  Life carries on despite the sickness.  Only the most urgent tasks were accomplished.  But we survived this long, I'm sure we'll make it through.
  • On a brighter note, we were given two kittens.  Jackie (boy) and Princess (girl).  Both grey(ish) color.  They are outside cats.  Although they spend quite a bit of time inside.  They are quite tolerant of the kids 'affection'.  I'm not a big fan of cats.  Although kittens are adorable, and the kids think they are the greatest thing.  Whoever gets up first in the morning, goes out to snag his/her kitten and snuggle on the chair.
  • Hunting season is under way.  We're enjoying fresh vension thanks to Daddy and his gigantic longbowBenji is quite the small game hunter.  No squirrel is safe in our woods.  He got a bow/arrow for his birthday last year, and its quite the archer.  He loves to practice with the target.  Quite often in the early evening hours you'll find him outside, with his bow and arrow, just waiting for that big buck to stroll through.  He can hardly wait for the day he gets his own hunting licensce in his back tag.  (He currently is using Daddy's tag from a few years ago)  And yes, the (big) boys have spotted the BIG one nearby.. so the race is on.
  • We're beginning the birthday celebration.  5 birthdays in a little over 2 weeks.  We have at least one birthday every month until April.  Can we say PARTY?!  Benji will turn 8.  EIGHT. In a short while.  It seems like it was yesterday we just became parents.
  • For the 1st time in my life I canned.  Normally I freeze my applesauce, but was persuaded to can it.  It wasn't so hard.  Just time consuming.  I also made my 1st real pumpkin pie.  We're hooked.  I may have to get more pumpkins to cook up.
  • I promise to get my camera out this week.  Besides, now that the kids are perking up, we need to get our yearly fall pictures done.

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Neisha said...

thanks for the update. we are doing about the same as you...bdays, hunting, canning. applesauce is a lot of work. i find the easiest way is to quarter the apples, throw them in the crockpot then run them through the mill to keep back the peels and seeds. then water bath them.