Thursday, January 26, 2012

winter fun

It's really been a mild winter.... so far.  Winter's not even close to being over, so I shouldn't say anything too loudly.  Only a handful of days with frigid, below zero temps and wind chills.  Typically we have way more snow, especially by the end of January.  But we've got enough to make playing outside and sledding fun.  AND enough for the snowmoblie!

Sweet pals and cousins: Meri and Carolyn
The best way to sled... behind the snowmoblie!

The Daddy's rigged up this sled the other year.  It works great.


Neisha said...

us kids use to sled that way too behind the 4 wheeler also. be young again :)

Lani said...

Oh wow... you have lots of snow. We have had flurries that have melted all year long this year!