Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gma. 90. wk end.

The other weekend we celebrated Grandma M's 90th birthday!!  Such a special day to spend with her.  I've been married  (away from home) for nearly 10 years, but the memories of the time we spent at her house growing up are just as clear and crisp as if it were yesterday.

All her "Wisconsin" great-grandkids.  We were missing 9 great grandkids from out west/east.

We took pictures of all the (6 of 14) grandkids that were there, 4 generation pictures, sibling pictures, etc....  but I don't have any on my camera.  So I'm impatiently waiting for someone *cough*jessica*cough to get me a CD!!  :)

We also celebrated Carolyn's 7th birthday with my family.  Biggest hit???  a sewing machine.  Now both girls are very anxious to start sewing with Mom (whenever Mom gets motivated)
Helping get food ready for Grandma M's party.
I have more pictures from our weekend, but blogger is giving me fits uploading pictures.  In a nutshell, our weekend was short and sweet.


The Beecham's said...

So nice you got to go!

Michelle N. said...

I'm sure your girls will have great fun with the sewing machine...teach 'em young...and then they can do the sewing for you :)

Darcie said...

How special to be there for her 90th Birthday...she looks simply, wonderful!

Gary said...

Happy Birthday Gramma!

NanaK said...

It was GREAT to see you and spend some time w/your sweet lil family!!
......hard to believe she is 90, isn't it?!.....lotsa memories ~ she's a special lady!

Neisha said...

the girls will love the sewing machine! kylie likes to make stuff for her barbies. sleeping bags and pillows are really easy

Gramm and Gramp said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma, special to be at the party.
and, yes, the sewing machine, what a good idea.