Saturday, March 2, 2013

a very long over due update

Yes, I realize it has been a very long time since I've done a real blog post.  It isn't for a lack of things to post about.  It's the same 'ol song and dance about not having enough time. 

I can't believe we are already into MARCH!!  We've survived the blunt of 'ol man winter and are looking forward to having more sunshine and warmer weather that spring will bring.  (Luckily for us, we were able to escape to the southwest for 3 of the coldest weeks this winter)

Over the holiday's Tanya & Charles came back for a surprise visit.  It was great having all 10 cousins together.  Lots of fun was had.  But sadly I took very little pictures.  This is the best of the group pictures I got.  Blurry or not, it was a fun week that went by all too fast.

Lil Rosie, is not so little anymore.  Almost 5 months old!  This picture was taken almost 2 months ago!  At the time this was taken she was approx 26 lbs.  Almost a month ago, she was up to 41 lbs!  I'm quite certain she's growing quite a bit in the last month, judging by how big she is when she jumps on your lap.  :)   She is grown by leaps and bounds, continuing to be a good pup.  She had her first road trip the beginning of this year.  What a trooper.  Around 3000 miles and she did amazing! 

On our little trip, we made a stop in Dodge City, KS.  To be honest we were a bit disappointed, thinking it would be more of a cowboy/western town, considering it's history.  But just a very teeny, tiny portion of town reminded us of what Dodge City used to be.  The kids had a good time, but mostly because they were able to stretch their legs for a bit.. and mainly because they knew.......

....we'd be entering into CO later that day..... 

....and crashing Aunt Tanya and Uncle Charlie's house for awhile.  Once again, I wasn't very good at taking pictures.  But we did have a great time, even though it seemed our weeks were jammed packed.   As time permits, I'll share more pictures.


Gary said...

Been there, done that. :) Yer right, not a lot to see as far as 'old west' Dodge. Patty & I lived in Garden City, west of Dodge, in '76-'77 & '83 so we got to Dodge for site seeing, car shopping, and gospel mtgs. Apparently the old timers were more interested in progress and keeping up with the times, instead of preserving the past.

Andrea Fowler said...

So fun to read about what you all have been up to lately! We miss you.