Monday, January 14, 2008

Hot Mama's

Carolyn & Katie LOVE to play with dolls, especially since we've had John. They copy my every move with their dolls... feeding, burping, diapering, talking, etc. On this day, they found some sunglasses (that were worn ALL day). Note Carolyn's pink flip flops... She wears them all the time, regardless of the temperature.


Burchibunch said...

That's hilarious about the flip flops-Rochelle is the exact same way! If I let her she would wear them outside of the house as well. Fun to see more pictures!

Tim & Melissa said...

Your dolls are dressed exactly as our dolls are! Millions of doll clothes, lots of naked babies!

Amber said...

Funny to se Mel's comment, I was going to post the same thing! My daughter doesn't like to re-dress her dolls, so i'll re-dress them only if she promises not to take the clothes off again...which usually happens about an hour latere!