Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birds Fly South

[These pictures don't do justice. But it's the best I could get.] The kids know about birds flying south for the winter. So when we told them we were going to spend some time down here south, "Oh! That's where the birds are gonna be!!"
Well, they ain't kidding when they say "Birds fly south for the winter" Since we've been here, we've seen of 100's of black birds in the front/back yard and covering the pastures. At one time.
The ground is black when they land. And when they take off it sounds like an airplane flying by.
The kids think this is the greatest thing.


Darcie said...

I guess they really do fly south!!!

mom 2 4J's said...

A hands on science lesson on migration!!

Jenny said...

That's really neat! I'd be as excited to see that as your kids.