Sunday, March 21, 2010

Carolyn's BIG day!

1st- we went to the dr and got 3 shots :( Then we went to the dentist for (more shots and) work on 3 teeth :(
But she was all smiles for her (belated) birthday party!


G'ma J said...

What a pretty princess.

Neisha said...

cute cake!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carolyn's Cutie Mama,
She sure is smiling big for someone with that much med. in her system!
Avoiding The Dentist in NE

gkey said...

We are belated with the following:
Birthday parties
Seldom late, but often belated in Nebraska
The cake is darling, is that fondant you used? Guess I have to add 'using fondant' to my belated list above!

Heather S said...

yes it is fondant.

Melissa said...

What a brave little girl! And a cute one, at that! And AWESOME cake, mommy!

Lindsay said...

happy birthday, carolyn!! looks like a great end to a not-so-exciting morning :)

Kat said...

Birthday torture??? I don't know if I'd look forward to birthdays with shots and dentist visits on the adgenda. Ha!