Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shoot Me! 3 of 52

Forever In Blue Jeans
Shoot Me! It's time to stop hiding behind that camera of yours. Your family is missing you in the picture. So it's time to post a picture of YOU (yes, you) every Thursday with your child, your spouse, your friend, your dog, or even by yourself. Just get in the picture, you'll be glad you did! And just jump in now with 1 of 52, you can do it!
Another hot and humid day week.  Just the right kind for swimming all day long.  Only taking breaks for food, water and 'because Mom said so'  :)  The kids would be in the pool all day if we'd let them.  They swim until it's dark.. like this night.

The other evening we worked on shots for Daddy's 2nd album (almost ready to hit the press!).   Katie held my other camera and snapped her own shots.  After she would take a shot, she would say: "Argh!  I almost got your head Daddy!"  "Ohh.. I got your boots Daddy!"  "opps.. I missed that one!"  "Daddy.. quit moving!" :)
I have lots of pics to catch up on.  But they'll have to wait until I have another free moment!


Heather said...

cute picture katie ;-) that's funny!

Kim said...

Fun pictures! So cute of your daughter to try to get a shot, Daddy needed to lean in:).

Kat said...

That's about life here, too. With 106 and 107 temps... no one wants to get out of the pool except for food and necessary breaks. Love the summer!

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

Just keep taking pictures Katie! It's not easy getting a good picture of your Daddy. ;) But he is a good one to practice on. Soon you'll be a pro!! :):)

All American Family said...

Sweet photos - keep practicing Katie - you'll get it soon! ;)

McCrakensx4 said...

What fun pictures! I love when my boys take our never know what you are gonna get! And swimming is the best...especially night swimming!

gkey said...

dear heat wave,

No other way to really keep cool when you have heat like that!
My hubby has had to travel back east this week, and the temps are sounding awful. Feeling bad for him and everyone there.

Living it up, these cooler days here

Melissa said...

What a little peanut...picture is nearly perfect!

Neisha said...

haha! Maybe a few more and you could have pieced them together :)