Tuesday, May 24, 2011

# 2

Bright and early this morning, Carolyn came in the kitchen beaming from ear to ear.  She pulled out her other loose tooth.  (She has a tooth on top thats barely loose too).
And Ms. Katie... all her teeth are loose.  Or so she thinks wishes.  Benji's bottom teeth are both loose.  One is getting really close.  Poor kid.  He's been impatiently waiting to lose his, and his sister beat him to it.  Twice.  But he can still beat her running around the house.  And shooting his gun.  So he's not too upset.
The tooth fairy ha$ decided $he need$ to be creative when $he come$ to our hou$e.  I guess I can't remember if we got something for every single tooth or just the first few.  Without a doubt, we'll make the first teeth something memorable, but after that.... who knows.  Earlier this year our kids said the tooth fairy was fake.  But now that they are loosing teeth they seem to have changed their minds. :)


Melissa said...

Of course they're changing their minds! Duh, mom!

p.s.-Carolyn, you are sooo stinkin cute with that gap!

Gary said...

Maybe Benji will have to try the old string-on-the-doorknob trick.

Neisha said...

cute Carolyn :)

The Beecham's said...

Your pictures are going to very cute with the NEW smiles ;)

Heather said...

Wow, she's really on a roll now =) Good job Carolyn!