Friday, September 23, 2011

in a nutshell.

Any hopes of keeping my blog updated and current have offically been thrown out of the window.  In the near future I am going to give facebook the boot, so maybe I'll have a few extra minutes. :)

(thank you to my mil for emailing me her pictures)

 Our baby turned four.
I still can't believe he's four.  When asked how old he is, he'll typically smirk and say 'fourteen'.
  The tradition of blowing out the candles with (almost all the) cousins.
Roasting marshmallows with Daddy. 
Fun in the sun and sand with cousins, aunties and grandma.
We're plugging away with school.  Keeping busy with everyday life.  Looking forward to some very special days coming up.  That's about it.  In a nutshell.

Happy 1st day of fall!


Darcie said...

Fourteen...too cute! Sadly before you know it, it will be true! Thanks for the update on your precious family.

Anonymous said...

Come see us!! :) Which one will you go to?

Helen said...

Busy happy days...sounds perfect.

Gary said...

C ya in 5?

Heather S said...

Gary- YES! Looking forward to it!

Melissa said...

You guys have been having a lot of FUN!!!