Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Benji's Party

He requested his cake picture be taken outside on the wood pile.  Only our kids. :)
He changed his mind about a million times.  Finally, he settled on a rice krispie horse.  It matched his western/cowboy theme perfectly.
10 kids + presents = a blur
Present from Boppa and Gma.  You're looking at one VERY happy, proud, anxious-to-use-it boy.
Our family.  Wild hair and looking in all directions.
The cake rice krispie horse.
The western town was the hit of the party.
 A neat way to give a gift of money.
It's hard to believe he's 8 years old already.  In 2 months exactly Carolyn will turn 7 years old!!!


Neisha said...

looks like he got some great gifts, love the money idea
great cake too!! :)

shaunandhelen said...

Cute cake! His birthday is a fitting time all their little blaze orange heads out by the woodpile. Happy Birthday Benji!

ShareandRemember said...

Very cute "cake" & what a fun birthday with so many friends & family.

Gramm and Gramp said...

Had to be a fun birthday for your Benji...I like the picture that is all ablur, that is about how it would have been. ☺
Nice job on the cake, a lot of work, but it came out great

Heather said...

Cake by the woodpile--cute idea =)