Thursday, March 29, 2012


We've been enjoying some warm(er), sunny days the last while.  (Then I go and choose the coolest, windiest day to take pictures of the kids)  With the nice weather, the kids have enjoyed riding their bikes. 
Katie can now ride without training wheels.  She really is too big for this bike, but not quite big enough for the next size up.  It's hilarious to watch her ride up and down the driveway:  sitting on a little bike, legs going 90 mph, hair flying out from underneath her cap.  (The video I wanted to post won't upload).  :(

This boy.  Is a maniac on wheels.  I'd love to put a speedometer on his bike, and keep track of how many miles he puts on in a season.  We are lucky to have a spacious driveway.  On the afternoons and weekends the driveway can get a bit congested with bike traffic.  I can only imagine the fun we'll have this summer.

 Despite this picture, she really can ride well.  Any free time is spent on their bikes.  They sure burn alot of energy.  Not to mention their appetites have exploded.  And they crash the minute they go to bed.   She was given a new bike for her bday (January).  It turns out it's a bit too big for her yet, but, it fits Benji perfectly.  Luckily, Carolyn was more than happy to loan her bike to Benji, and borrow his bike until she grows some more.  (I'm also glad we choose to get a bike that works for boy's or girl's... red.  Although her only request with this 'trade' was if she could paint her (Benji's "old)" bike blue!! )   
And then there's John.  (Blogger won't upload his picture.  Will have to try later)
He's a maniac on training wheels.  His preferred method of braking is dragging his toes.  I'm sure by summer he'll be ready to roll like the big kids.  It won't take long, since he sure is logging in alot of practice.


G'pa R & G'ma J said...

looks like they are having a blast

Gary said...

'Back in the day...' biking was our entertainment. Not much else to do, except maybe watch the corn grow... :)

Melissa said...

Aww, so much fun!!! Wish we could join you!

The Beecham's said...

Look @ them go!!!

Neisha said...

Nolan use to dump his bike in order to stop it..he finally figured out how to stop

Darcie said...

What a great way to use up all that energy they have at this age. I still LOVE a good bike ride. :-)