Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer Splash

We hit the local beach the other day to celebrate the end of summer.  Just like we did almost exactly one year ago, lacking 2 days.  This year we were also lacking 2 cousins who moved to CO this summer.  We miss them dearly and think often of them.  But times like this, make the reality of their move set in even more.

I can't locate the pictures from our trip last year at the moment.  But I'm amazed at how much the kids have changed in a year.  Not to mention the changes that have taken place in our lives in a year.  Summer is coming to a close.  Another school year is about to begin.  We're looking forward to what fall has in store.

 This picture is for you Larissa and Wyatt.. we missed having you with us this year!!


Kat said...

These pictures make me long for our vacation at the beach coming up in just a few days.



Lani said...

These "last splash" days are bittersweet days for me. Wish summer would last forever, but then... maybe we wouldn't appreciate it as much if it did. :) Looks like you had fun!

Jessie K said...

Hey, this is a test comment to see if I can actually comment doing what you told me. However, I'm not seeing the box you said... Hmmm...

Looks like you had fun on your vay-cay!

Jessie K said...

Wow! I commented! Yay! :P