Friday, September 11, 2009

1st days of school

This week was our 1st 'official' week of home school. Although our kids don't ride a bus or go to a 'school', the 1st day of school is still a big moment in their/my lives. So like any mom, I took pictures.

Our 1st week went well. I learned alot of what will/won't work real fast. Carolyn has surprised me the most. I was planning on doing school with her, as she wanted (since she's technically in 4-k/pre-k). But she is RIGHT there with Benji. Benji loves the added authority of now being a school kid! He's not shy in telling Katie he can't take a nap because he has school, or he has to do this, because he's in school now, or he can't do that because he goes to school! :) And not to be left behind, Katie plants herself right between the two of them. I know this picture is blurry, but she was SO proud to be painting with BIG brother and Big sister. *And, yes, her arm is laying right on top of her wet paint!*

The teacher Carolyn reading to Katie.New to them old books from the basement = 45 minutes of quiet reading time!!

Both kids LOVED doing school this week. And WILLINGLY picked up the toys before we started each day! I know this 'attitude/willingness' it won't last forever, but I'm enjoying it while it does! We've learned that John will just be John during our school time. Which is why we wait until NAP TIME to do 'important stuff' (as Benji calls it). I found out how much time and effort it will take on my part to home school, keep the house, tend to the other 2 while 'teaching'. But I wasn't prepared for the burst of pride, the excitement and the joy I get watching my kids learn. Or watching their faces. I do realize this is only week 1.. but it's so nice to get started on the right foot!


Darcie said...

Looks like you are off to a great start Heather. You are going to do wonderful and your children will grow into students right before your little eyes.

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

I knew once you got started you would find the "encouragement" in finding the joy (and pride) when they do things for the first time and as they catch on. For me it was fun to watch them learn and do things...but as they got older they didn't need my help so much. Keep up the good work! :)

The Beecham's said...