Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 boys + 2 girls= more cute pictures

Tubby.. the kids have been trying to teach him to do 'two'. He says '2', but then shows 5 or 1 or 3... :) Don't ask.. Carolyn just being... Carolyn.
2 girls pretty in pink.
I just wanted ONE picture of the TWO of them...didn't happen.
Cheesy in Daddy's sunglasses.
*We had John's 2nd birthday party on Sunday (a week early). I have tons of pictures post, plus a few videos. But they'll have to wait for another 'spare moment of time'. We've started (home)school this week, or rather made it offical (we've been doing a few things here and there for quite some time). The kids are loving it!


Neisha said...

Carolyn reminds me of Kylie. Kylie will dress up in some pretty weird stuff.

Darcie said...

Carolyn just has her own style doesn't she. That's great! Fun pictures of your kiddo's. They are going to have so many pictures to look back on.