Saturday, September 19, 2009


After hundreds thousands of attempts, I 'semi-successfully' created a button for this blog ALL.BY.MYSELF.

Well, maybe not ALL by myself. I found this nifty blog. She tells you how to creat your blog button. Then she helps you create that nifty scrolling text box. Then she even helps you change your html code thingy so you can put it inside your box.. without the code making a picture!!

So while ALL 4 of my kids napped this afternoon, (ahem) this is what I did. Not exactly a very productive afternoon. I won't tell you the troubles I had, or about the headache I now have. I should have handed everything over to her.. my go-to-for-any-blog-problems girl. What took me all afternoon, she could have done in the blink of her eye. But I am proud I just did this

So now that I went thru all this trouble, I better see this blog on your sidebars.

And NO! I'm not interested in making a button for YOUR blog! :)

<center><a href=""><img src=""/></a></center>


Neisha said...

I have no interest in trying something like this but "yay" for you :)

Helen said...

I'm not even sure what buttons are for-- just a link-- but a cooler one? So I won't be making one either :) But I like yours and maybe I'll figure out how to grab it since I never have gotten you linked yet.

Heather S said...

It is basically a 'cooler' link. Just copy the code, add a gagdet (html code), paste it. Then drag the gagdet where you want it on your side bar.

Your welcome just to add me to your blog roll list, not use the button. I intended to make a 'button' for my mom blog instead. These buttons are bulky and a nuisances at times, if you dont' use them. (this is what happens when 4 kids nap all afternoon and I don't want to do anything productive :)

Jenny said...

I'm super impressed~it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Who's the woman?!?! YOU da woman!!!

Great job feather.

PS missed you at Menomonie... I have to get over to see you before the snow flies... perhaps during hunting?!?!?!? call me......