Tuesday, April 27, 2010


On our way home from Chattanooga we stopped at a Railroad Museum.  The kids loved exploring the 'ol train sitting on the side track.  John was in his glory.. trains.  trains. trains.
Look!!!  Train!!

6 kids getting very tired of Gma and Aunt Heather/Mom taking pictures.

Lets get outta here and go fishing!!!


Heather said...

How fun! From the stories I've heard they loved the train! Cute pic of John pointing to the train=)

Adina said...

Looks fun!

You probably don't know us, but your hubby used to. I was looking forward to meeting you this fall at Men., but unfortunately for you (and the rest of us) you were all sick.

I've been reading your blog for a bit now and enjoying it. You have such cute children, and they seem quite sweet. I admire the job you do with them and the fun you have with them.

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

We took cute pictures, didn't we? I would love the one of Benjie and Jacob that you took. :)

Neisha said...

so cute. so did the boys go fishing? :)

Darcie said...

LOVE the picture of the kids on the steps with the old building for a backdrop...very cool!

ShareandRemember said...

So lucky they have all those experiences together!

gkey said...

Dear ChattanoogaChoo-choo,
You have sure had a grand time...did all this fun happen in a weekend or spread out over a whole week?
watching you ride on the "fun-train"