Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quiet. Stillness. Alone.

For the past week, we've enjoyed having Boppa, Gma, Jacob and Emily here.

But now they've headed back home
Leaving us all alone.
We were glad they could come.
And we miss them already.
(I never dreamt I'd say this.. but having 'just' 4 kids today was kinda dull, boring and quiet...
 for awhile...)


gkey said...

Dear TooQuiet,
Your post made me remember especially the last page of one of our all time favorite childrens books. It is called
"When the Reletives came" I think it might be by Cynthia Rylant. If you don't already have it, go to the nearest library or bookstore. You will love it too!
I know what you mean too, of course now it isn't little cousins coming to visit and play with our little ones is 3 little 'grands' atop our 4 kiddos still at home. Then they leave and it is way too quiet...
Always sad when it is time to let them go.
in KeoniCountry

G'ma J said...

Beautiful picture, taken in TN? Glad kids had fun.

Heather S said...

mom- yes, it taken at a lake south of town.

Heather S said...

@gkey- we've read that book.. and love it too! :)

Neisha said...

gorgeous picture!

Darcie said...

I am sorry, but there is nothing worse then the stillness and the quietness that follows when company leaves.

Gary said...

Neat photo. Yes, there is an unpleasant quietness after wknd guests leave, especially if it is gran kids! :) But think of what it must be like for the folks on the convention grounds. It must be hard.