Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last weekend:

Gpa, Gma & Aunt Jess came to visit.We celebrated Katie's 4th bday early..
and played and played and played outside!
I have alot more pictures, but between my internet being slow, and blogger giving me fits; this will have to do!


Neisha said...

seems like you're kids are always having birthdays :)

Gramm and Gramp said...

Love it, your children are so cute on the picture with Grandpa and Grandma, well G & G look nice too.

gkey said...

Dear Mommy to those 4 darlins,
Now that is one precious picture up top.
I LOVE 4 year old birthdays! (ACTUALLY, all birthdays no matter the age, but there is something very sweet about that 4th one somehow!)
Lucky little kiddos, someday they will understand just how lucky they are! The grandparents are lucky too, and DO know it don't they!
This mama thinks Grandparent time is unparalleled

The Beecham's said...

Fun! Fun!

Duey and Kandace said...

Cute picture with your parents!
I just got a good laught again seeing your last post of the kids sleeping:)