Saturday, June 19, 2010

From the lips of our babes...

So many, many times our kids say things that I don't want to forget.  But since I forget to write them down, I end up forgetting them.

Carolyn:  Mom, I wish you would have born 7 babies.  Because 4 kids is just too boring!
{Mom is thinking "4... boring...where is this lil girl during the day"}
Mom: Well sweetie, 4 is the magic number for us.  Maybe someday when you grow up, you can be a mommy to 7 kids.
Carolyn:  Oh yes!!  I want to born 100's of babies!!!
{Mom is thinking she'll change the # of babies, she wants to have, but who am I to stop my child from dreaming?) :)

I think it's cute and often hilarious when our kids get words mixed up.  They mean one thing, but say another word... for instance...

Instead of saying grown up or adult, Katie says humans.
Katie: "I can't do that, I'm not a human, I'm just a lil girl!"  {thats the excuse she uses when she does not want to do something}  or "I'm almost human, I'm big enough to do that!!"

Carolyn means to say raw, but instead says rotten.
So when I thaw meat, she informs everyone not to eat the meat yet... it's rotten.
Or when I make cookie dough... "Mom, can I have a bite, or is it rotten?"

Benji recently read a book about gorilla's.
He's wondering why I don't walk on all 4 and carry John like the Mama gorilla's and why I don't beat my chest.
I told him, I was a human, and God made us to walk on our feet and carry our babies in our arms (and instead of beating our chest, Mommy's pull their hair out! :)  j/k )


Raimie said...

Dear Hair-pulling,
This post sounds like it could have some from my house!

P. to the H. in NE

Melissa said...

What a bunch of goofballs! Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

Neisha said...

those are great!! :)
come on, what's 3 more when you already have 4 ;)
I also laughed at her "4 is boring" =)

Gary said...

Edna M used to tell me, "they're cheaper by the dozen". I think that is what they had, but lost two. With that many, you would NEVER be bored! :)

The Beecham's said...


Heather T said...

love the mixed up words! too cute! i would be laughing alot at that rate!;0) i'm almost "human" too...but don't want to rush it;0)

Anonymous said...

Hehe!! I love when kids mix up their words...cuz it comes out so funny!

gkey said...

dear Never Bored,
I loved this!
4 is great....6 is great....7 would have been great with us, but i guess the Grands started coming along, and 'Someone' must have decided we needed them instead...and that is great too!

Sometimes i have had a notepad handy, some things i never got wrote down.
remembering at least some of the "chuckles" through the years